What Makes Puku Different

Unlike any other portable charger on the market, Puku fuses long-lasting battery power with stylish design, providing a trendier and more satisfying charging experience.

Sleekly designed and painted with a soft, silk-like texture, Puku features an upscale look and feel. Unlike most other chargers with bulky brick-like or tubular casings, Puku provides users with a trendy aesthetic similar to that of today’s most popular smartphones.

The media has taken note of Puku’s exceptional appearance. Our charger has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue, People Style Watch, the NBA All Stars game in NYC, ABC’s The View and Live! with Kelly and Michael, where it was endorsed by Mashable‘s chief technology spokesperson as his team’s charger of choice. Additionally, Puku was chosen as the official sponsor of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Puku’s fashion-forward look is not the only quality that sets it apart; this chic device will charge your iPhone twice in half the time, taking your battery from zero to 100% in only 30 to 40 minutes. It takes only about two and a half hours to charge the Puku device itself, which is incredibly fast in comparison to other chargers on the market.

Additionally, Puku comes with Apple-certified lightning cables that ensure a safe, quality charging experience that won’t damage your mobile devices. There are many inferior products that will charge your phone quickly but overheat it, which over time, causes your phone battery to loose its ability to charge and recharge. Here at Puku, we believe it’s counterproductive for individuals to buy a product that’s intended to extend the lifespan of their battery, when instead, what actually happens is it detracts from the lithium content of the phone battery.

The longevity of our Puku chargers is a cut above the rest. We are proud to say that you get over 500 cycles out of the chargers before they start to diminish, which is why Puku offers a two-year warranty.  Most competitors claim their chargers last 500 cycles, but truthfully, many only last for about 120 cycles and come with a mediocre warranty.

Puku is a pioneer in the mobile charging industry through its innovative merging of style and cutting-edge charging technology. All Puku chargers are synonymous with high quality, sleek design and an upscale feel.